Ask TheStylishEye: Peep-toe etiquette?

Do you own a pair of peep-toes? Wondering what to pair them with?

Picture 44Well, I’ve gotten questions from several stylish ladies over the past few weeks asking what to wear with peep-toe shoes. The peep-toe is such a fabulous trend. A great summer-to-fall, sprint-to-summer shoe that can be matched with everything from a cocktail dress to a pair of jeans.

The dilemma starts as the glow of summer disappears and the chilly fall nights take it’s place. Here’s what these lovely ladies asked.

“Looking for a quick answer and thought of you and your web site, the Stylish Eye. Quick question…Is it ok to wear pantyhose with open toed shoes? It is fall and my legs are a little pale and unsightly but the shoes I have that go with my dress are open toed-what a dilemma! How about open toed booties – tights or no tights?”

Ah, dear stylista. Not to worry. I have a bevvy of suggestions to make your legs dazzle in your terrific shoes.Picture 46

1. Spray tan. I will clue you in to my dirty little secret. Spray tan. I’m not talking go-to-a-salon-and-get-airbrushed. I’m talking use sparingly, under $10 a can at CVS. You might have had a bad experience with spray tan and streaking. Who hasn’t? But it’s come a long way and, if you use it lightly, it can give you a year-round healthy glow. I use Neutrogena spray tan, available at any drugstore.

2. Fishnet. Not everyone feels comfortable in them, but they can be a HOT compliment to any dress for a night on the town. I happen to be Picture 50partial to black fishnets, especially with patent leather and suede. If your shoes happen to be a lighter color, the nude fishnet can be a great choice as they give your legs a little somethin-somethin without looking like pantyhose.

3. Opaque tights. If options 1 or 2 don’t work for you, I would get a really dark pair of black opaque tights, with no dePicture 48sign on them. This option is great with peep-toe booties and platforms. Be sure to hide the seam under your toes. Hate to see those seams sticking out:)

My opinion on a cocktail dress with open toe is to go lighter on the legs but ultimately, you need to feel comfortable. Either way, dear reader, this is one thing I absolutely BAN with peep-toe shoes. You must never, I repeat, never wear panty hose with peep toe shoes. My only exception to this rule is…my Gram, who I love for her stylish flair and, god love her, she is almost 90 years old. You go, Gram. So, if your not my Gram or pushing 90, you are NOT allowed to combine pantyhose with exposed toes.

That’s your peep-toe etiquette from The Stylish Eye. Have a style question? Drop me a note and I’ll include it in a future “Ask The Stylish Eye” post. Until then, go forth and be stylish. :)

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