Catwalking for a Cure: A night to remember

With the ever-so-talented and stylish, Wesley Nault

Still basking in the light of last week’s 2nd Annual Catwalk for a Cure. I am honored to be a media sponsor and to have the opportunity to work with passionate, organized and professional people like Bryan and Nick, meet the amazing designers, like Wesley Nault and capture the spirit of survivors like Marybeth Fratus.

It was amazing to capture the models from the end of the runway – I told Marta, my ever so stylish +1 for the evening, that I felt like a kid in a candystore. The shoes, the fabrics, the talent, the strength, the pride – it was all so touching and overwhelming.

I was proud to have my girls there to support me – Lisa, Stacey, Diane, Marta, Julie – you guys are amazing! I am already looking forward to next year and have lots of ideas for the team.

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