The Met Gala – My Best & Worst & Top Trends

As a fashion-lover, there are five coveted fashion events that I have on my bucket list:

1. The Oscars

2. Fashion Week Milan

3. Fashion Week Paris

4. Backstage at Galliano, McQueen and/or Valentino (there is a longer list:)

5. The Met Gala

Jessica Alba looking stunning


You’ve probably heard of the top 4, but The Met Gala is one that doesn’t get quite as much press, except for the fashionistas like me who drool over the gowns. Known as the “Oscars of the East Coast,” The Met Gala┬ácelebrates the annual opening of the NY Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Hosted by Vogue Magazine, the red carpet is rolled out for the fashion industry’s night to shine and this fabulous star-studded ball is regarded as the hottest ticket in town (fetching over $15,000 per ticket.) This year, I was wowed by the gowns. You know how it goes, there’s always those fashion “omgs” where you wonder what the hell she was thinking. This year, I had a really hard time picking my favorites. Thanks to the always stylish, Kim Kardashian for pulling together her list, which had all of my faves too.

My favorite was the always stunning Jessica Alba in Michael Kors. I mean come on. You could put that girl in a trash bag and she would look stunning. It was the gold, the one shoulder, the hair swept to one side, the red lips. The whole thing was glam, vintage Hollywood and I loved it.

Tom & Gisele - hated the hair

What did I hate? Okay, you’re gonna kill me and I cannot believe I am saying this but I hated Tom and Gisele. Okay, maybe, just maybe, it’s an eincy wiency bit of jealousy but, what happened, loves? Did you get in a hair-gel fight? I mean I love the slick look but it’s so extreme and Tom’s looks more like that scene in Something about Mary (you know the one). Most gorgeous couple on the planet and they missed it for me last night. Sorry guys.

Trends on the runway from The Met Gala:

- Open back

- Red lips

- Gold and glitter

- Side-swept hair

- Sheer/see-thru fabrics

Hilary Swank doing the side-swept look

While these trends don’t work for all of us, there are ways to incorporate a little gala into your every day life. Have you ever tried a red lip? I will tell you this. If I am ever having one of those days when I wake up not feeling like P. Diddy, I put on red lipstick. It makes me feel like I am either Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel or Madonna (depending on the day.) It’s a great evening look too – pare down any other make-up to focus on the lips. If your locks are long, what about a side-swept low ponytail that drapes across one collarbone? Or even a low braid on one side? Very sexy. Gold and glitter in moderation, my friends. A fun gold belt or shoes, some glitter polish or maybe a fun clutch – all great ways to add some celebrity glam to your look.

Who was your best and worst? What trends did you love/hate? Can’t wait to hear!

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