Must-have boots for Fall

I’ve had several clients and a bunch of friend of Facebook ask for a recommendation of a great every-day boot – one that can do double duty day to night. Here are my top picks. I decided to feature tall boots as they can be worn over and under your jeans and are super-versatile.

1. Wedge

Wedge-heeled boots were all the rage last Fall and are still hip again and everywhere as we go into this Fall. The wedge is a comfortable way to wear a heel and transforms day to night. I’m a fan of the suede but it is limited in the New England winters so you might want to go for leather to get a fuller season out of the boot.







2. Riding

Riding boots also hit the scene last Fall and it’s great to see so many more choices this Fall. I love the two-tone brown and black styles – more of a true riding boot, but also love that designers are integrating riding-style features into a simple flat boot. You want this boots to ride tall – hitting you just below your kneecap. If they are too short, they will cut your leg off and make you look shorter. Its an optical illusion – keep that in mind.







3. Cowboy

I love a good cowboy boot! Now, there are a few options here. You can go all out cowboy (or cowgirl) with a Justin, Durango or other true cowboy boot. I love the look and they are super comfy if you get the right fit. The only challenge with this boot is that it looks great with certain outfits but is not as versatile for day-to-night as the wedge or riding boot. So, I came cross these Frye boots, which give the look and feel of a cowboy boot, but have the more ‘tailored’ appeal of a riding boot and can be worn with jeans, dresses or just about anything. The price tag is a bit steep but I wouldn’t showcase them if they were a trendy shoe that will last one season. Frye boots tend to be more expensive but will be a boot that can be re-soled or re-heeled and last you 20 years. No joke. There are plenty of knock-offs too so keep those Stylish Eyes focused when you shop and see if you can get a steal!







4. Stacked heel

The stacked heel is a big trend for Fall. I’m loving it because it gives you height but is much easier to walk in than a stiletto or skinnier heel. It is a more substantial boot and can be easily worn day to night.







5. Over the knee

The over the knee trend is still hot this Fall! I have two rules: 1) Over the knee is different than over the thigh. If you’re short, be careful as you don’t want to look like you’re hitting the pole after work:) 2) The boot has to fit snug. Too much leather around the top of the knee and you’ll look like you’re wearing waders. I have a few over the knee boots – one a dressy stiletto. Suede pull on and very tight so it almost blends into my jeans. The other is a day boot with a stacked heel and it hits about 1″ above my knee. Fit is key here – they are super cute but the line between hip and hooker is a fine one!